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Azur Lane Crosswave PC Keyboard Controls

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In the middle of each nation’s normal training routine, a Joint Military Exercise was enacted. A select few from each nation were chosen to participate in this rigorous event. But, how did this event come to be? Are there other ulterior motives at play?

Azur Lane Crosswave Controls


  • 9 Num – Automatically
  • 3 Num – Skip
  • I – Text history
  • Right mousekey – Hide text window
  • Left mousekey & Enter – Next


  • I – Menu
  • K & Backspace -Zoom
  • Enter -Confirm

Map Menu

  • I – Change secretary
  • O & Left mousekey – Secretary Communication
  • Backspace & Right mousekey – Return to map

Map Menu Dock

  • O – Ship selection
  • I – Divide into categories


  • I – Auto attack
  • K – Evade an attack, Sprint
  • O & Space bar – Left attack
  • L – Right attack
  • Left mousekey – Standard attack
  • Right mousekey – Stronger standard attack

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