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Borderlands 3 Spendopticon Crew Challenges Guide

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In the newest Borderlands 3 DLC, you will be helping Moxxi pull off a great casino heist. During this, you will explore a bunch of new areas with a lot of cool secrets and objectives.

Spendopticon Challenge Guide

Evil Saint Lawrence (Killer Look Person)
You will find this target in the Market District so go over there and take care of him.

Junpai Goat Eater (Killer Look Person)
You can find this target in the Vice District. Look by the baths and enter through the back area to take him out.

Red Chest
While following Timothy during your objective, he will open up a locker room that is filled with chests containing ammo and weapons. There is a red chest in there that contains:

  • Popsicle Ringloader
  • Gatlin’ Carbine
  • Pentup Polisher

Pieces Of Resistance Statue 1
Go to the area that has all the containers and use the ledges to start jumping and platforming your way to where the word “Time to Play” flicker in neon above a casino that is to the right of Handsome Jack’s gigantic hologram. There is a statue on that ledge that is clearly visible from ground level. Destroy it with a bomb.

Pieces Of Resistance Statue 2
In this area, run past the container that is vertically slanting against a ledge and use the tops of the shacks to platform your way to that same ledge. The statue is there with a giant billboard of  Jack welcoming you the casino. Destroy the statue and then drop down.

Hot Sauce 1
This can be found by Fauxxi’s Cabaret. Destroy it while fighting off enemies.

Hot Sauce 2
Head to the Burning Pocket and climb up the rocky formation in the center of the area in order to reach the beams above. The Hot Sauce is right there so destroy it and get down.

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