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Borderlands 3 Jack’s Wild Walkthrough

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Jack’s Wild Walkthrough

The next mission starts as you head to the Spendoticon station clearing the enemies in the way, follow Timothy as he bypasses the security wing, enter the station core and clear it from Ractches using fire weapons as they have no armor, get the chemical tank to burn the ratches nest.

Timothy will bypass the forcefield where you will kill the security bots, use the elevator to go down and head to the power cable, shut down the Loader assembly line after Moxxi talks to you.

Move along the power cable and destroy the generator to go through another forcefield. As you reach the lab drop down from the broken ledge to trigger the boss fight where you will defeat the Fabricator which has two health bars each for shield and armor don’t forget to use shock weapon for shield and corrosive for armor.

Finally, shoot and destroy the power cables while aiming at the cracked tubes! And The Jack Wild’s end here.

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