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Borderlands 3 The Handsome Jackpot Walkthrough

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The Handsome Jackpot Walkthrough

To start first of all Interact with the Poster in Moxxi’s Bar in Sanctuary III. Next, you have to go to the control room where you can use the hyperspace terminal to make your way to the handsome jackpot!

Now use the drop pod and press the button to open the airlocks. After this make down your way to the Glamorous gateway. As you see the wheel, pull the lever to spin it. Now you must defeat the loader bots to do that shoot the limps which will prevent them from using weapons and moving.

Then head towards the Casino and continue down the Chump slots, on your way defeat the loader bots and other looters. Use corrosive weapons to melt through robot’s armors.

Then continue forward till you reach the Windfall way. Then follow the tracks which will take you to the Subway. Now you must kill the third rail and his gang looters which is easy if you use fire type weapons as they are vulnerable to that. Then travel to Spendopticon and go up the stairs till you reach the strip!

Now you must rescue Timothy which will be done as you clear the area, facing the EXP loaders is a big concern as they explode upon reaching you, keeping your distance and shooting their legs will get you through this.

As you rescue Timothy he will lead you and also give you the Corrosive weapon! The next thing you have to do is to get the Focalizer but be aware as the loader bots will be spawned in that area so follow the drill and shoot the limps!

Finally, place the Focalizer and smack it. After that head to Timothy’s hideout where you will talk to him and then you can use the Holo-Structor. The first mission ends here.

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