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Breeders of the Nephelym Alpha: Beginners Guide (Tips & Tricks)

by Admin

An all you need to know guide that covers the basics of breeding hybrids, harvesting, managing your money and vendor services.

Beginners Guide (Tips & Tricks)


  • WASD – Standard Movement Keys
  • E – Action/Talk
  • I – Inventory
  • K- Quest/Task
  • C- Clothes On/Off
  • Q- activate Spirit Form


After your character creation (male, female or futa) make sure to head to the Hedon Township. The town is located on top of the plateau and is where you may find the following vendors:

  • Cassie: Sells housing for your Nephelym
  • Amber-Mae: Buys/sells milk.
  • Camilla: Buy/sells c-men.
  • The Emissary: Buys the Nephelym you captured for in game currency. Also, to increase your trait level for breeding.
  • Leylanna: Guides you into your Spirit Form (You can change your breed at any time) as well as refill your lust meter.


  • The vendors’ available money resets every day after sleeping at your home.
  • Harvested bodily fluids can be sold to Amber-Mae in Hedon Township for Orgasium (in game currency)
  • You may sell your Nephelym to the Emmissary for orgasium


To activate the teleporters/portals in Lyrcea you are required to spend a one time fee of 800 Lust (per portal) then you can travel at any time you wish without spending more Lust.
This will allow you to catch the wild Nephelyms near the spawning shrines (floating stone angels).


In the top left corner of your screen, you will see two meters. The top being your Lust Meter and the bottom being your Spirit Meter. Your character’s number of actions are limited by your amount of lust (which will increase throughout the game) but is repleneshed by sleep, winning surprise sex or by visiting Leylanna in Hedon Township.
Actions include: breeding, capturing, harvesting.

During surprise sex, pressing the left mouse button repeatedly will allow the Nephelym to climax before the breeder without losing your lust.

If you do not wish to engage in the physical part of capturing, you may aslo give the male/female the correct milk or other bodily fluids to capture them. (This will be thouroughly discussed.)


Once you capture the Nephelym, you may find them in their designated housing on your ranch and begin “harvesting” their bodily fluids.

(The capture option actually yields more bodily fluids than harvesting) There is also a skip option if you do not wish to watch the scene.

These fluids will be stored in your inventory to aid in the capturing of wild Nephelyum.
Unlike the female breeders, male breeders cannot harvest from male/futa nephylum.
You may also offer your bodily fluids to Fern and she will more than happily take care of the harvesting for you.

Bodily Fluids


More often than not, you may stumble across a Nephelym of the same gender as the breeder. Like discussed before, other than surprise sex there is an alternative option to using bodily fluids (milk/c-men) in order to capture the Nephelym.

The reasoning behind using the alternative attraction method is stumbling across the same gender that possesses desirable traits that you would like to acquire for your offspring.
Below you will find a section that goes into depth and specifics regarding the correct bodily fluids to administer to each breed whether it be male or female (as well as the location to capture them).

The male specimens you will encounter exclusively prefer milk. (15mL) each time.

Vulwargs, Wulf: Foxen Milk
Foxen, Vulpis: Bovuar Milk

Virgin Breaks
Dragons, Drakes: Titan Milk

Moaning Crag
Demon, Incubi: Seraphim Milk

Sensual Sands, Upper Plateau
Starfallen, Seeders: Starfallen Milk

Pleasure Pastures
Bovuars, Bulls: Demon Milk

Female/Futa Nephelym
Some female/futa characters may not prefer male fluids and are captured with milk. You will require a minimum of 5ml of C-men or 15ml of milk per attempt to capture.

Vulwargs: Titan C-men
Foxen: Vulwarg C-men

Esoteric Glade, Upper
Sylvan, Orcs: Demon C-men

Esoteric Glade, Lower
Seraphim: Demon C-men
Sylvans, Elves: Demon C-men
Sylvans, Goblins: Titan C-men (found in the cave to the left of the path)
Syvans, Slimes: Hybrid C-men (found in the pond at the bottom of the lower glade)

Moaning Crag
Demon, Succubus: Harpy C-men
Demon, Cambion: Seraphim C-men

Virgin Breaks
Dragons: Harpy C-men

Thriae: Foxen C-men

Sensual Sands, Lower Plateau
Harpy, Kestrel: Foxen C-men

Sensual Sands (up the hill towards the right of the pyramids)
Starfallen: Starfallen Milk

Amourous Hallows
Harpy: Demon milk

Pleasure Pastures
Bovuars: Demon Milk

Cove of Rapture
Formurian: Dragon C-men

Climax Peak
Colossus: Bovuar Milk

Sultry Plateau
Nekos: Bovuar Milk

Breeding Sessions

Now we get down to the fun stuff. After you’ve captured wild Nephelym with favorable traits, you can breed them in the pen to have a 40% chance of producing hybrid offspring.

  1. Make sure you purchase the Mutt Hut from Cassie before your attempts at breeding hybrids or they will all be born as normal Nephylum. Below is a list of the current hybrids you can breed.
  2. Keep in mind that the parents will have a significant presence in their offspring’s traits, so there will always be variation. There are several breeds that cannot produce hybrid offspring; Formidian, Sylvan, Starfallen & Thraie.

I will be editing this guide to add pictures of the following hybrids here soon.

  • Amaru = Dragon + Foxen
  • Bakeneko = Demon + Neko
  • Basilisk = Dragon + Harpy
  • Catsune = Foxen + Neko
  • Daeva = Demon + Seraphim
  • Griffin = Neko + Harpy
  • Hellhound = Demon + Vulwarg
  • Jabberwock = Demon + Dragon
  • Kludde = Dragon + Vulwarg
  • Kumiho = Demon + Foxen
  • Kusarikku = Demon + Bovaur
  • Oni = Demon + Titan
  • Ryu = Dragon + Titan
  • Tenko = Foxen + Seraphim (my personal favorite)

Cheat Codes

To use a cheat codes press the ESC button and click on settings. At the bottom there will be a search bar where you can enter the following cheat codes. Enter them as is, all lower case and no quotation marks.

Check detailed Cheats guide.

  • go home – teleports you back to your house on the ranch.
  • all portals – unlocks all of the portals on the map without consuming lust.
  • win surprise sex – allows you to win every time you engage in surprise sex.
  • infinite spirit – allows infinite spirit form
  • max trait level – maxes the trait level.
  • all barns – unlocks all barns.
  • max all fluids – maximizes all bodily fluids.
  • add money – adds 1,000,000 orgasium (currency)
  • infinite lust – gives every nephelym infinite lust except for the breeder unless they are in spirit form.


This guide is just a rough draft of all the knowledge I’ve acquired playing this game. Please understand that the game itself is still relatively new and the developer will be releasing new updates, breeds/characters etc. I look forward to seeing it’s growth.

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