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Helltaker Secret Ending Guide

by Admin

This guide is gonna help you get the secret ending. Spoiler warning!

Helltaker Secret Ending Guide

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Collecting ancient inscriptions

  • First of all,you`ll need to find 3 hidden ancient inscriptions on the 4th,5th and 6th levels.
  • To get to the 1st ancient inscription on the level 4,you`ll need to go 3 down,1 right,2 down,1 right,2 up,1 right,2 down,1 right,2 up,2 right,2 down,2 right. (You also get achievement Pathtaker)
  • To get to the 2nd ancient inscription on the level 5,you`ll need to go 4 down,5 right,1 up,1 down,3 up,1 left,1 up,2 left,2 up,2 right.
  • To get to the 3rd ancient inscription on the level 6,you`ll need to go 1 left,1 down,2 right,2 down,2 left,1 down,2 left,2 down,4 right,2 up,2 left,4 down,3 right,2 up,4 right,2 down,2 left,1 down,2 right.

helltaker secret ending guide

What to do

  • After finishing the boss battle you will be in your home with all the demon girls you`ve taken from hell. In the middle of the house lies the carpet with a pentagram on it.

helltaker secret ending guide 1

The portal activation

Standing right in the middle you`ll need to move like this:

  • 1 down,1 up,1 right,1 up,1 left,2 down,1 left,1 up,1 down,1 right,1 up.
  • If done correctly,portal shall open.

helltaker secret ending guide 2

  • Get in it after Lucifer tells you not to.
  • Enjoy the ending.

That`s it guys

I hope my little guide helped you to get 100 % of the game and have a great day!

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