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Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp Drinking Tips & Guide

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Drinking should be fun and easy, right? For those of us who don’t want to deal with the random nature of Juan’s drinks, here’s a guide just for you to show you what they are and what they do!

Heyyyyy~! I’m not the biggest fan of this new element to the game, but I figured that if it were present, we may want to get a sense of what it does.

Twice per game, your character will visit a cat named Juan. This forces you into a minigame where you must pick a drink from a random selection and deal with the effects. This could be anything from changing your playername to jacking up your stats, so if you wanna metagame it, here’s a guide for all of us who don’t want to deal with that.

Drinking Tips & Guide

Name Appearance Effects
Name Flaming green trashcan Changes your playername to ‘DUMPSTER FIRE’. No other effects.
Name Pink-purple-ish. Looks jumbled. Shuffles your stats at random.
Imagination Shots Rainbow, with an arch. Unicorn going over the arch. ++ CREATIVITY
Manhattan Drink with a cityscape on top of it. +1 every stat point at every location.
The Classical Palette Oblong, curved. Looks like a paint palette. All locations ‘become more beautiful’. Pictures at locations are replaced with ‘artsy’ style pictures for the rest of the run. No other effects.
Sex on the Beach Multiple squares going down in a curve. Pixel-y. ++ FUN
Love Potion no.9 Red, with heart coming out of the top. #9 label. Increases hearts.
AB Blood Red, rectangular, looks like a blood bag MULTIPLAYER ONLY. Steals stats from other players!
Pair of Beer Boots Shoes with beer in them. Yellow, frothy One location, chosen at random, now gives double stats.
Tequila Moonrise Teal, cloudy ++ ALL STATS

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