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Mordhau: Vehicles Guide

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Mordhau is a medieval first & third person multiplayer slasher. Enter a hectic battlefield of up to 64 players as a mercenary in a fictional, but realistic world, where you will get to experience the brutal and satisfying melee combat that will have you always coming back for more.

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Mordhau: Vehicles Guide

Horses are extemely powerful vehicles located on the battlefield. Horses have a few purposes.

1. Use it to trample players. If the Horse is traveling fast enough, it will damage and flinch players upon impact (damage depends on speed of horse).

2. Couching – Using a lance or polearm to skewer players along your path.

3. Speed/Traveling – Using the horse to quickly get to a critical objective or location.

You can wield any weapon/shield while on a horse, however, only some of them are couchable, like a lance (or other polearms). Calvary has momentum based damage; The faster you are riding, the more damage you and your enemy will receive from attacks.

Couch: to lower (a weapon) into position for attack.


  • You will usually find lances next to stables.
  • You can only couch a Lance when you are traveling fast enough.
  • You cannot parry with the lance. However, you may perform basic attacks with it.

There are 3 types of horses:

Light Horse:
Speed: +++
Protection: +

Medium Horse:
Speed: ++
Protection: ++

Heavy Horse:
Speed: +
Protection: +++


  • ‘E’ to mount/dismount.
  • ‘W’ to increase your horse’s speed.
  • ‘S’ to decrease your horse’s speed.
  • ‘F’ to enter couch mode with lance (or polearm).


  • Horses are best utilized by making a circuit around the battlefield.
  • Horses are extremely powerful if kept alive and used tactically. Horses do not heal, so be careful with them. You do not want to stay in the middle of the engagement/battle while on a horse. This will leave you more vulnerable to getting dismounted; Instead, perform ‘hit & run’ charge tactics on unsuspecting enemies.
  • Another strategy is to simply run through the engagement and trample enemies. Just beware of Polearms, as their hits will ‘dismount’ you.


  • Jousting is a martial game between two horsemen wielding lances.
  • Light horses will typically win in jousting due to faster footspeed, thus their lance connecting with you sooner.
  • Lances will typically win in jousting due to their length, causing it to hit sooner than the shorter polearms.


Launches a large rock and causes AoE damage. Anyone within the radius of the impact will die. The best way to use catapults is to shoot them at castle/fort chokepoints such as wall openings, gates & bridges. Once youve ‘dialed’ in the distance to the chokepoints, launch rocks at it. Beware not to hit your allies!

Launches a large bolt over a great distance. Scoring a hit on an enemy will instantly kill them, but also requires greater accuracy over the catapult. Ballistas are best used for sniping enemies off walls, chokepoints, and taking down horses.

You can climb up ladders, for obvious reasons.You may also fight on a ladder by equiping a 1-hander weapon.

Fortifications can be built by players with a Toolbox. The Toolbox has a total of 6 ammo. You always start off with 3 ammo, making Ammo Crates an important resource to utilize for engineer loadouts. Press ‘R’ to toggle between the different fortifications.

  • Spikes
    Spikes are used to injure players that brush up against them (with momentum based damage). Also a great way to ruin a Horses’ day and lock down choke points.
  • Mantlet
    A wood-planked wall with an archer-loop, affording the hard protection of a wooden structure but still being mobile; They can be used to provide individual cover or placed side by side to create a makeshift wall.
  • Mini-Ballista:
    A construct-able semi-automatic ballista that launches 5 small bolt’s over a great distance. Ammo recharges over a bit of time. Requires the Toolbox to construct and consumes 6 ammo. Great for locking down choke points.

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