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Stoneshard Guide: Magic, Energy (Important things to know)

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This guide will give you all the information you need to get going in the wonderful world of Stoneshard.

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Stoneshard Guide

You probably reading this because you are new here.

When first playing Stoneshard you will play the tutorial chapter Prologue. Use this opportunity to learn the game and classes. find a suitable playstyle for you.

Different all weapon types and magic types require a different playstyle.

For example:

  • Pyromancy – Is good at ranged attacks and to deal damage to multiple enemies
  • Geomacy – ‘s spells buffs and protects you.
  • Staffs – Have magical damage types. it will some times boost your magic power by something like 5% – 15%. and its critical hits deals damage to multiple targets.
  • Daggers – can only manage one target at a time but can cause serious wounds on your enemy.
  • Sword – have skills to damage multiple targets and have high damage.

I recommend that you level up at least one level before starting your first mission.

The best and easiest way to do this is by hunting wolfs. they give you a decent amount of experience points and you can sell the fur to the tailor for money.

  • If you going for a staff build, I recommend that you locate the Witch hut.
  • You can find it by inspecting the points of interest on your map.
  • When speaking to the Witch, accept the drink.

The map is an item in your inventory. In order to open the map, right-click the map and select use. The question mark is points of interest.

stoneshard guide

Important things to know

The only way to save the game is by sleeping in an inn. Do this every time before you head out from a town.

You can find wells all around the world. For example, you have one in the town square. Use it to drink water and refill your waterskin.

Guild missions have a difficulty and a time limit. you can see the difficulty of a place in your map and the difficulty of a mission is shown in your mission book.

stoneshard guide 1

You can use Rest mode when you are not near enemies, this will rapidly restore your health and energy.

If you step on a trap, do not disarm it until you are no longer on it. If you do, it can and will activate again. even if it says 100+%

You can inspect characters with right-click to check their remaining health.

Gold coins can stack to 100 and purses can hold 2000 gold.

stoneshard guide 1

There is an autosort button. you can also use T to autosort. see the image above.

Undead dungeons most often have an entrance in a graveyard, at night there will spawn Ghouls on these graveyards.

Ghouls will eat corpses when low on HP in order to regenerate. Fight them 1 on 1 and away from any corpses to avoid this from happening.

You will find these altars in undead dungeons. you have the choice to either activate them or destroy them.

If you activate it you will game a temporary buff. If you destroy it, you will weaken the unholy bond and increase your sanity.

stoneshard guide 2

Important keybindings

  • W – Weapon layout. (Switch between weapons.)
  • Space Bar / numpad 5 – skip turn.
  • 0-9 – Skills/spells.
  • Alt – Loot hovers. (Display all item names.)
  • Ctrl – Attack mode.
  • F1 – Rest mode.
  • I – Inventory
  • C – Caracter info.
  • T – Autosort.

All keybindings can be found in settings.


In Stoneshard it’s critical to have energy, without you won’t be able to cast spells or use skills.

Heavy equipment will make your energy generate more slowly and decrease your max energy.

Therefore you must choose your equipment wisely.

stoneshard guide 2

stoneshard guide 3

For stealth or skill-based build you have to use low-level armor.


Some items as rings, amulets, and staffs can grant a change in positive or negative magic power.

Weapons can have (or enchanted) with magic damage effects.

The magic power will change the effect of a spell, for example:

fire damage: 10 + magic power: 10%
= fire damage: 11

Gear can also add a specific magic power like Pyromancy.

Pyromancy power boost will only boost Pyromancy related spells.

In order to affect the cooldown time you need the Cooldown Duration modifier.

stoneshard guide 4

Magic Resistance

  • Magic Resistance will change the effect on all or a specific magic type in %.
  • Shock Resistance will affect electricity magic and shock enchantments.
  • Fire Resistance will affect Pyromancy magic, fire, and fire enchantments.
  • Frost Resistance will affect ice magic and frost enchantments.

and so one…

When it is raining, everyone outside will gain the following effects:

  • Frost Resistance: -75%
  • Fire Resistance: +50%
  • Shock Resistance: -100%

It’s end. I hope “Stoneshard Guide” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

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