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Temtem Travel Writer Quest Walkthrough

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Sidequests are small missions the player can complete along their journey throughout the Airborne Archipelago’s islands. These have no direct bearing on the progression of the main plot and can be completed at the players discretion.

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Doing these side quests for the sake of saving a bit of cash at the shop is worth it. Completing sidequests rewards the player with all sorts of different rewards such as healing items or new pieces of gear.

Temtem Travel Writer Quest Walkthrough

Temtem Side Quest Guide

Travel Writer Quest

  • Starting Location – Narwhal
  • Starting NPC – Tarlae
  • Requirements – N/A
  • Reward – Lure, Hand Fan

Talk to Tarlae aboard the Narwhal.

  • Report to Tarlae about Deniz.

Meet Tarlae inside their house in the Nanga residential quarter. Any of the chat options are acceptable.

  • Inform Tarlae about Omninesia.

You will receive a Hand Fan for describing Omninesia. You cannot get credit for this step immediately after landing in Nanga, you must explore more first.

  • Report to Tarlae when you visit another island

You cannot complete this step in the current Pre-Release state.

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