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Warcraft 3 Reforged Fast Altar Build Order

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Fast Altar Build Order

This Human build order is used to push out your hero quicker to minimize harass. It is useful in twisted meadows.

To start this Warcraft 3 Reforged Humans Build Order, put 2 peasants on mine while 2 work on building the altar and 1 works on building the farm. After the altar is complete, assign the peasants on lumber.

Order farm peasant to work on mine after it completes farm. Order one of the peasants working on mine to build the barracks. Queue up the hero when altar is completed.

Order the next peasant to build our 2nd farm. Assign another peasant on the barracks to help it speed build.

When you have enough resources, build a 3rd farm. When your hero arrives, take 7 peasants and militia creep. Take 2 peasants from the mine and train them in barracks for footmen.

During the creep, you will lose some peasants so make sure to replace them from the camp.

After the creep, order 2 to work on gold mine and 2 to train for footmen. After that, you can continue as you please.

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