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Warcraft 3 Reforged Night Elf Units

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Warcraft 3 Reforged is a real-time strategy game and having the best unit on your side is important to achieve victory.

  • HP – Health Points, this determines how much damage you can take before your unit dies.
  • Armor – determines the units armor value.
  • Spd – The Movement Speed of a unit, how fast it can fly, run or ride.
  • Attack Type – The type of attack the units uses, this can vary based on the type of unit you are attacking (Ground/Air).
  • Defense Type – The type of defense the unit uses, depending on its weakness the unit will take less or more damage.
  • Damage – The amount of damage dealt per attack.
  • Cool – The cooldown between attacks, also known as Attack Speed.
  • Range – The distance of the units Attack Range.
  • Cost – Listed the Gold, Lumber, Food and Time to Build Cost.

Night Elf Units

One of the early game unit builds use a lot is Archers + Huntress, followed by Dryad units which make for a strong hit and run combo. The preferred front line tends to be either Mountain Giant or Druid of the Claw (Bear Form) since they have some of the highest HP stats of the Night Elf Race.

Unit Level Gold Lumber Food Build Time
 Wisp 1  60  0  1  14s
 Glaive Thrower 2  210  65  3  48s
 Archer 2  130  10  2  20s
 Hippogryph 2  160  20  2  30s
 Druid of the Talon 2  145  20  2  22s
 Huntress 3  195  20  3  30s
 Dryad 3  145  60  3  30s
 Faerie Dragon 3  155  25  2  25s
 Druid of the Claw 4  255  80  4 30s
 Hippogryph Rider 4  290  30  4  1s
 Chimaera 5  330  70  5  60s
 Mountain Giant 6  350  100  7  50s

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