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Warcraft 3 Reforged Undead Buildings

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Before you can create these buildings in WC3 Reforged, you will have to possess enough resources including Food, Lumber, Gold and yes Time.

  • HP – Determines the unit health points.
  • Armor – Refers to the Armor value.
  • Speed – Refers to speed on ground or in air.
  • Attack Type – The type of attack the units uses, this can vary based on the type of unit you are attacking (Ground/Air).
  • Defense Type – The type of defense the unit uses, depending on its weakness the unit will take less or more damage.
  • Damage – The amount of damage dealt per attack.
  • Cool – The cooldown between attacks, also known as Attack Speed.
  • Range – The distance of the units Attack Range.
  • Cost – Listed the Gold, Lumber and Time to Build Cost.

Undead Buildings

Crypt, Temple of the Damned, and Slaughterhouse will produce most of the units for players builds, then the Boneyard which can produce the Frost Wyrm. Your Farm/Ziggurat which produces food can also be used as a defensive Tower, this same tower/farm can be upgraded to deal more damage to enemy units trying to attack your home base.

The following is what you need to know about buildings when playing the Undead race in Warcraft 3 Reforged:

Building Gold Lumber Build Time
 Altar of Darkness 180  50  60s
 Black Citadel 870  440  140s
 Boneyard  175  200 70s
 Crypt  200  50  60s
 Graveyard  215  0  80s
 Halls of the Dead  545  210  140s
 Haunted Gold Mine  225  210  100s
 Necropolis  225  0  90s
 Nerubian Tower  250  70  30s
 Sacrificial Pit  75  150  45s
 Slaughterhouse  140  135  60s
 Spirit Tower  295  90  35s
 Temple of the Damned  155  140  60s
 Tomb of Relics  130  30  60s
 Ziggurat  150 50 50s

Building Upgrades
Ziggurat > Nerubian Tower
Nerubian Tower > Spirit Tower (Requires Graveyard)
Necropolis > Halls of the Dead
Halls of the Dead > Black Citadel (Requires Altar of Darkness)

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