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Witcher 3 How to Beat Abaya (Water Hag)

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How to Beat Abaya (Water Hag)

Abaya is essentially a faster moving, more powerful version of your standard Water Hag. As such, she’ll pretty much be limited to the normal Water Hag attack routine of sinking into the ground and appearing elsewhere if you get too close to her for too long. Her attacks include a standard melee swipe which she can chain together into brief combos and she’ll also regularly throw projectiles at you and if they hit, they’ll obscure the screen for a few moments.

In addition to the main boss, she’ll often be accompanied by a pair of level 18 Drowning Dead. Try to eliminate them first before focusing on the main threat.

Defeating the Water Hag is relatively straight forward. You’ll want to dodge her projectile attacks as you close ground to her before blasting her with IGNI or tanking her with QUEN. Dodge her retaliatory melee attacks and counter until she sinks into the water and appears elsewhere. Repeat the process until she’s swimming with the fishes (both figuratively and literally!).

Once the Water Hag is dead, loot the body for the Water Hag Trophy, Water Hag Mutagen and any other goodies it was carrying.

Witcher 3 Abaya (Water Hag)

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